Queenstown, New Zealand

The joy of going traveling uplifts the spirit. Maybe that’s because it involves leaving the drudgery of everyday work and life behind you. Or it’s the chance to take in new cultures, find new people, taste different foods, and indulge in newly found experiences.

Whether it’s for work commitments or a holiday in the sun, at a beach, an adventure tour, getting away to paradise, a city, or a road trip, getting away from it all is one of life’s great joys.

While work was busy for Ace and me in Sydney there were opportunities most years for travel and enjoyment. It is good for the sole to take a break and recharge. Either through annual vacations or associated with work, we managed to get away most years to interesting locations.


We made a number of trips to Thailand over the years. It is Aces’ home country and a great value holiday location. These regular trips allowed me to feel comfortable and willing to retire in Thailand.

You can find below short post highlights of these journeys, and a few pictures that capture the locations and memories that were enjoyed when visiting – its better than writing too much about these:

  • Vienna, Austria & Athens, Greece – 2003
  • Bali, Indonesia – 2000, 2006, 2011, 2012
  • Angkor, Cambodia – 2007
  • Hong Kong – 2008
  • Saigon, Vietnam – 2010
  • Singapore – 2012
  • Thailand – various years & places – (2001, 02, 04, 05), 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 2013


Some wonderful work trips took me to locations for Airport Council International (ACI) meetings or aviation conferences. This allowed me to soak up the joy of travel and the opportunity to meet new people, learn and experience new things:


  • Hong Kong Aviation Conference – 1993
  • Chicago, USA – Aviation Conference – 1995
  • Minneapolis, USA – Aviation Conference 1996
  • Washington, USA – APS work – 1998

2001 – 2013

  • Athens, Greece – Aviation Conference – 2003
  • Vancouver, Canada – Aviation Conference – 2004
  • Christchurch & Queenstown, New Zealand – APEC aviation meeting – March 2005
  • Mannheim, Germany – Zurich, Switzerland – family/visitor – October 2005
  • Geneva, Switzerland – Aviation conference – October 2005
  • Hong Kong – Aviation Conference – 2006
  • Vancouver, Canada- Winter Olympic planning – September 2009
  • Toronto, Canada – aviation meeting – September 2009
  • Frankfurt, Germany – ACI Committee meeting – 2010
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – tourist – September 2011
  • Munich, Germany – ACI World meeting – September 2011
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – ACI Regional meeting -November 2011
  • Cape Town, South Africa – ACI World meeting – February 2012
  • Singapore – ACI Regional meeting – May 2012
  • Houston/Dallas, Texas – family visit – August 2012
  • Washington, USA- ACI World meeting – August 2012
  • Phuket, Thailand – ACI Regional meeting – April 2013
Queenstown, New Zeland

These sojourns were additional to the travel adventures I was lucky to experience when living in Canada, such as:

  • Overseas backpacking adventure
    • Spain, Portugal, Morocco, France, Germany, England – 1974/75
  • Across Canada – 4500 kilometers each – 1968 & 1990
  • Across the USA – 4,400 kilometers each – 1968 & 1982
  • Toronto to Florida – return – 4,000 kilometers – 1970

When I say on my home (front) page that I am a well-traveled sole-living Tranquil in Thailand, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration. These journeys have made me a more worldly individual and one that is grateful for these opportunities,  I have traveled many roads and many miles but gained so much as a result.

Following are a few posts about these journey experiences.

Amsterdam & Munich, 2011

With a meeting in Munich I travelled to allow myself time to visit Amsterdam.

Angkor, Cambodia 2007

We detoured to check out Siem Reap & the famous Angkor Wat temples and historic area

Athens, Greece 2003

We took a visit to Athens and a local island to get a little flavor of what the country was about.

Bali, Indonesia 2006,11,12

We took the opportunity to take a break in Bali on 3 occasions.

Cape Town, South Africa

An Airport Council International meeting allowed me a trip to South Africa

Geneva, Zurich, 2005

I took a train to Zurich and had a two day stop to check out the city.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 2010

we decided to check out Ho Chi Min City and southern areas of Vietnam

Hong Kong – 2008

On a holiday to Thailand in 2008 we stopped off in Hong Kong.

Houston, Texas 2012

Had a visit with my son and his family on my way to a conference in Washington during August 2012.

Mannheim, Germany 2005

My son was playing hockey so being in Europe I took the opportunity to visit him.

Singapore 2012

This was a second visit to Singapore and it was still hot and humid.

Thailand City’s & Sites

Our annual vacation often took us back to Thailand.

Vienna, Austria 2003

We were lucky to fly through Vienna and got to stop and have a look around for a few days.