After many years of working and living in the city & apartments, not being able to have a dog, it was always a dream to eventually have one around the house.  It wasn’t to be just any dog but one that was super friendly; got on with other animals and a loyal member of the family.

Our Dog

A English cream golden retriever was what I had in mind as their temperament matched perfectly with what I was after.  I was lucky and found a breeder of English Cream Golden retrievers in Korat, Thailand at Kaimook Kennel.  The kennel website – explains their background and says this:

“We live on a beautiful and rustic horse farm in rural Thailand. We love to have visitors, so feel free to make an appointment to drop by and see us. We are easy to find, just minutes from Korat. The beauty, love, and loyalty of a Golden Retriever are beyond compare. Our imported English Cream Golden Retrievers are loved members of the family and high-quality representatives of their breed. They participate in our daily family life on the farm. Please do be advised that we live on an actual farm with cows, chickens, horses, dogs, and all that comes with that! Their primary goal at Kaimook Kennel is to promote and produce high-quality English Cream Golden Retrievers that will make healthy, good-tempered, and uniquely beautiful companions and your new best friend for life”.


After a previous visit to the kennel, we found Lex a 10-month-old male pup that was remaining from an earlier litter.  He was friendly but a bit shy and reserved – ideal for a retired household. A return trip from Chiang Mai to Korat was arranged to pick up our new boy.  It was planned for us to arrive one day, visit the kennel and get vet checks done the next day and then leave for home on the 3rd day.  We found a modern hotel to stay in. Driving distance from Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) to Chiang Mai is a 713 kilometers cross-country adventure.  The drive down Hwy 11 and 21 to Hwy 2 and took use through Lampung, Utturadit, Phitsanulok, Nakon Sawan to Korat.  The highways were good, much a rural drive until Hwy 2 which is a busy multi-lane expressway.


It was a long journey home with stops along the way for lex to relieve himself and for refreshments for all.  When we got home it was such a new experience for Lex who had only been used to a farm and living outdoors – a house, yard and the new smells were all very daunting for him.  But with gentle patience and encouragement, he soon took over the house and became a house dog – really a dog that just wants to be with myself or Ace – all the time.


He even likes the cats and soon become comfortable and friendly with them – doesn’t bother or chase them.  He is friends with everyone.

As time has gone by Lex has grown into a very handsome animal – he is 4 years old now (October 2017) – and the most delightful companion one could ask for – here is Mr Lex:

It is now May 2018 and Lex is 4.5 years old and taken to his life as a house dog and loving being in the air conditioning on hot days. He has lost one of his friends, Lindsay the Burman cat – she passed away this year. He does enjoy trips in the truck and walks along a country lane where he runs and enjoys the smells twice a day. He is well cared for – maybe spoilt just a little.  He follows me everywhere and is anxious if not close by to where I am.  We take him swimming on occasion at a dog pool – he loves chasing the ball and recently learned to dive underwater to fetch the ball. It’s a dog’s life.

Here are a few updated pictures of Lex living his life.


4 thoughts on “Lex, an English Cream Golden Retriever

  1. Lex is a beautiful dog! I’d like to move from Canada to Chiang Mai with my 3 English goldens but worry that it might not be suitable for them. What neighbourhoods would you recommend for a house with a garden in Chiang Mai? Is there anywhere that they can run off leash?


    1. Hello Debra – dogs used to the Canadian climate might struggle with the heat of Thailand
      – best discuss with your vet. Lots of golden retrievers in Thailand, but not many English goldens.

      In relation to housing, Chiang Mai is a large spread out city and there are many neighborhoods both in gated communities (moo baan) & in villages. I could not recommend anyone in particular. It would depend on your wishes on where to live, size of house or property. You may wish to reach out to a real-estate agent to discuss – not all properties would allow dogs (especially 3 of them) – A popular agent with foreign nationals is –

      I walk my dog on leash near our housing estate & he runs free in our yard. It is seldom I can find a place for free running but there may well be an area. One area I used to go to no longer allows dogs. There are no dog parks as might be found in western countries. Here is an area at Chiang Mai University where people come with dogs –


  2. Hi good day
    I m leow looking for white cream golden retriever puppy.
    Can you please offer me price includes flight until hatyai airport.
    Hope can get your response soon.
    Thank you.


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