Living in a new place often attracts visitors to check things out and to see how you are going in your surrounding.  Here is a page that showcases some of our visitors to Chiang Mai – check out the images.

Ace’s Mom Visits

Ace had lived away from Thailand and in Australia for some 20 years and although he visited Thailand during that time it was a treat for his mom to visit him at our new home.  She has stayed a couple of times since we moved here and we have shown her around some of the sights and flavors of the area.

My Daughter & Husband Visit

My daughter was keen to find out where her oldie had retreated to.  We had been in Thailand 8 months and it was time for a family to visit in November 2014.  I was excited to see her and to show her how we had settled into our new way of life, house and around the traps of Chiang Mai. They were here for a week and covered a lot of ground from Tiger Kingdom, Mon Cham for coffee, Doi Suthep, massages, lunch, and dinners, walking street to name a few. See you next time.