While living and working in Fort Norman my friend Tom and I established a scout troop to provide the local youth with an activity to try to keep them out of trouble by finding a purpose and understanding of how living with rules can benefit you in life. This activity turned out to be an amazing Police Community relations program and unique for a small settlement on the McKenzie River.



The success of the program was described in an article written for the RCMP Gazette in October 1974 by me, the then Constable Ron Elliott.  I recall enjoying this flirtation with writing about this fun program and thought I must do more of this.

Scout article 5

While it seems that much of my career involved writing things such as reports, proposals, Board Papers, it is only now am I getting to enjoy trying to tell a story once again.  Here is my 1974 edition of storytelling about a community activity in the far north of Canada.


Scout article 1


Scout article 2


My beautiful picture
Scout Master and his Troop

Scout article 3

Scout article 4

So there you have it – how a little initiate and dedicated work can pay off in life. Oh, and by the way, this scout group didn’t need lessons in camping as this was a way of life for them.