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My personal site shares musings of my life’s yesterdays & today. It offered me the opportunity to reminisce on life’s experiences & to capture the journey so far & as a hobby. You can explore posts of earlier life in – Canada, Australia, and today in Thailand. 

As an expat Australian/Canadian I am retired from 3 careers – a Canuk Mountie, an Aussie public servant & Sydney airport professional. My partner of 24 years is Thai/Australian (20+ yrs in Australia) with careers in hospitality & medical laboratory. We are well-traveled and enjoying life less ordinary, having been in Chiang Mai now for 9 + years.

Our furry friends – they add joy to life


After 9 + years in Chiang Mia, the days have morphed into a relaxed & easy (slow) pace.

We are busy with our 4 day a week morning consulate volunteer role, our home, garden & our pets.

We also take pleasure in the local food scene, catching up with friends & attending events and touring when we can.

Staying in touch with family in Australia, the USA & Thailand is also a priority.

My series of stories that I post in my blog can be intermittent, depending on our activities coupled with & my motivation. Here is a link Button:

Sometimes we simply post on Facebook about our day-to-day happenings. Here is the link Button:


I have been appointed Honorary Consul for North Thailand (since Oct 2015).

It is a volunteer role that keeps me involved – a good thing!

Consular information previously on this website has been moved – to our new website (click button below)

Email – info@australianconsulatechiangmai.com