Who is Ron Elliott?  


I have journeyed along many roads over my lifetime. Also I have been visiting Thailand for numerous years and retired to live permanently in Chiang Mai in early 2014. With my Thai partner, “Ae” (Ace), we (are both naturalised Australians) enjoying the more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle offered in Northern Thailand.


I retired from airport operations with 45 years of professional work experience in Australia and Canada. My overall experience involved the operational, service, commercial, safety, security and protection related fields of policing, critical infrastructure, airports and a family business. 

Arriving in Australia in 1990, from Canada, I secured a role with a Government security agency headquartered in the Nation’s capital Canberra. My initial role involved the management of a newly created national airport security service that provided an opportunity to travel and experience the major cities throughout Australia. Using my previous background, in aviation and policing, my career with the Australian Protective Service spanned 11 years culminating as National Operations Manager. A career highlight was the significant participation in the 2000 Sydney Olympics’ aviation facilitation planning and security overlay. The games were successful and a great thrill to a part of.

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In 2001 I joined Sydney Airport Corporation Limited.  My initial role, as Manager Airport Security, was to ensure that extensive government regulatory requirements, security programs, systems, and costs were appropriately managed and compliant. Later I assumed responsibility as Head of Service Standards for a combined group of safety, security, emergency management and hygiene services; a unique combination of demanding, high risk and profile functions.

I was a significant participant in the Australian Governments National Aviation Security Committee and provided industry leadership to a significant number of Government aviation security policy working groups.  I was an active participant in the Airport Council International’s World and Asia-Pacific Regional Security Committee’s. Two awards were presented to me recognising my dedicated work in this field. I chaired many strategies and tactical airport working groups and after nearly 13 years retired in December 2013. 

Sydney the Harbour City
Sydney the Harbour City

Before immigrating to Australia I had 21 years of distinguished service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the National Police in Canada). My career involved the community and specialist policing duties, crime & drug investigations and airport police.  These roles allowed me to live and work in many provinces across Canada. I received an RCMP long service medal after 20 years of service.

Growing up in a small town just north of Toronto, Canada the early years were occupied by hard work in the family-run business when not at school completing my education.  This provided grounding in a strong work ethic, customer service, and satisfaction together with the realisation that people were important to success in business.


My global work and extensive travel experience, varied careers, leadership skills, adaptability and accountability along with an appreciation of people and diversity, as well as being a father and grandfather, has equipped me with the necessary credentials for this role.  

I’m proud & pleased to be Australia’s Honorary Consul in Northern Thailand.  I consider this an opportunity to give back to and promote Australia and foster good relations with Thailand, were I now reside.

My partner Ace spent 20+ years in Australia, working & learning in hospitality & healthcare. We are happy in Thailand, look forward to exploring and experiencing new travel and food exploration, enjoying our home, garden, and pets. Lex the English cream golden retriever and Lucas and Lindsay, a pair of Burman cats, enjoy privileges of the house.  

Lex – Mr Happy

I have 3 children – 2 in Australia and 1 in the USA and have 3 grandchildren who I keep in close contact with regularly thanks to communication technology. Ace’s family are from Northeast Thailand and he has a sister, brother and nieces, and nephews.

Lucas the handsome boy
Lex growing up
Lex the puppy