Hello or Sawatdi(ee) Khrup – My website is a unique mixture of professional and personal themes:

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As Honorary Consul of Australia in Chiang Mai I am extremely proud to hold this appointment. It is a delight and I am very proud to be our countries representative for the Northern Thailand provinces. Prior to this appointment my career path was varied and involved aviation operations, critical infrastructure, public safety and protective security services in the capacity of executive, leader and mentor. I enjoy living Tranquil in Thailand, the relaxed lifestyle and retreating after many exciting years in busy careers.image002

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The exposure and worldly experiences I gained from leading somewhat of a life less ordinary in Canada, Australia, and Thailand that involved travelling to many International locations, experiencing a variety of people and enjoying a wonderful family provided invaluable life lessons and blessings of immense proportion.

My great mate Lex

My personal experiences as a traveler, growing up in a family business, a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Australian Protective Service, an Australian airport operations executive, expat in Thailand, father to fantastic children, proud grandfather and now an Honorary Consul have all added to the rich tapestry of – ME.

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Ron Elliott, Honorary Consul

These pages include information on the Australian Consulate in Chiang Mai, memoir pages about my early years, life experiences and challenges, my exciting retirement and settlement now in Thailand. I will add to my site by update blogs about Honorary Consul activities and My Thailand life.

I intend to share events, travels, outings, food experiences and general matters of interest about living tranquil in Thailand. The pictures that are contained on this site are pretty much from my own collections (unless otherwise noted).


I have always wanted to share what I believe has been a diverse and fortunate life – not grand or of immense notoriety, – but one that (in my view) was more than ordinary and extremely satisfying. My wanderings have provided a framework for short memoirs.

I confess that my story telling and authoring are not the stuff of best sellers, just ordinary tales; but its a fun learning opportunity. Developing my site has provided me new knowledge and stimulation for the mind and occupies a bit of my spare time; now I have a little.

There are many iconic songs that remind you of being Australian but, for me living overseas, this one generates a proud, patriotic feeling, reminds me of a belonging and fond memories:

I hope you can obtain some useful information, get some insight about my background or have a laugh on me?

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