A favourite destination for Australians, we took the opportunity to take a break there on about 3 occasions. The warm weather, the villa accommodation and friendly service was a draw card when time to relax was needed.  We had also made friend there from these number of trips so it was always good to catch up with them too.


We have stayed around the Seminyak area as well as up in Ubud.  We have tried different villa’s and found all to be delightful and most accommodating and a pleasant way to enjoy Bali.

First visit – Villa February 2006


On this trip we also ventured up to Ubud for to take a look around at the crafty village and hills scenery.

We had a local who helped guide us and interpret for us which made travel so much easier,  He is Myris and we keep in touch still today. He was very helpful and accommodating.

We stayed in Ubud overnight at this very tranquil but pleasant and fancy resort just on the outskirts of town.

After Ubud we stopped at another Villa to enjoy more of Bali for a few days

We even enjoyed some tropical downpours.


Second visit – Villa – March 2011

This was near the main road, easy access to restaurants, shops and transport.  Daily house cleaning and breakfast made for you. After a morning swim and a cooked breakfast we often went out touring.  This trip we had friends take us up toe Tanalot.

We enjoyed our time and got up with some local and Australian friends for some meals.



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