If you proceed south from Chiang Mai on Hwy 108 toward Hang dong where you turn left at the light you come across a unique area of handicrafts. Baan Tawai  is the village of wood-carving handicrafts and is known as the major attraction of Chiangmai for Thai and foreign tourists.  Quality and bargain wood and carving items can be found in Baan Tawai along with other decorative items e.g. wood-strips, gold leaf wood,  antique wood, silverware, lacquer ware, hand-woven textile, basketry and earthenware.

According to stories for forty years, the art of wood carving has been passed down from generation to generation. During BE 2500-2505,(Thai calendar) the first three villagers, Pho Naan Daeng Puntusa, Pho Jaima Inkaew and Pho Huen Puntusart left Baan Tawai to learn how to carve at Nomsilp, a manufacture shop on Wua Lai Street, Chiangmai Gate. They brought their new found skill back to Baan Tawai and the village gradually became renowned for its woodcarving expertise.

Its a good day out to stroll through the many shops and alleys with unique offerings and reasonable prices.  There is a nice restaurant and coffee shops as well to relax during the outing.   Its a decorators dream and place to get some souvenirs.

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