Chiang Mai is an awesome place and you will come to understand that very quickly.  Short term or long-term Chiang Mai has plenty to offer.

Below are some other resources of interest that may be useful to those researching about Thailand or trying to find their way around Chiang Mai.

I have included categories of links, which aren’t exhaustive, that I use from time to time and find helpful to know more about my new home:

English Clubs

Information & Resources

Thailand Bloggers & Other Information Sites

Australian Notarial Services – can be provided by the Australian Embassy Bangkok or during Outreach visit to Chiang Mai (see Outreach in menu). Note – (Another option for available for documents to be used in Australia only ) – inquire via email with one of the following:

Queensland Justice of the Peace in Chiang Mai

– Neil Kilah – (Sansi, north side of city)

Commissioner for Declarations – Queensland

Steve Hambley – (Jet Yod, city area)

If you know of any other good references sites please let me know so I can add to this list.