Australian passport applications & renewals can be lodged with the Honorary Consul, Chiang Mai – by appointment only.  Please contact the Consulate (Monday – Thursday 9 am to 12 noon) on 091 857 6996 or by email – – or – – to book an appointment.

It takes up to 6 weeks (currently often longer 8/10 weeks) to receive a new passport.

ONLY a credit card or debit card (with visa or mastercard logo) is accepted for payment & use to complete a “payment authorisation form”. No cash or debit cards that don’t have the visa or mastercard logo is accepted.

Passport applications can be lodged in person at either the Consulate in Chiang Mai or the Embassy in Bangkok. – See Embassy webpage for passport information and application requirements.

New option – for renewing your Adult Australian Passport  – application by mail with the Embassy. –

Consular Service Limitations in Chiang Mai

The Consular Service Charter  explains what services can and can not be provided to Australian’s overseas. Visit this Australian Embassy consular service webpage

There are limitations on services available in Chiang Mai as noted below.

Notarial Services

The Consulate in Chiang Mai is not authorised, so can not provide notarial services (statutory declarations, witness signatures, residence certificates or certify true copies) in accordance with the Consular Fees Act & DFAT policy.

Notarial Services are only available at the Embassy in Bangkok, with an appointment or alternatively, some notarial services are available by mail. See this Embassy webpage for information.

Register marriage in Thailand

The Consulate is not able to assist with paperwork requirements but can provide information on the steps involved. See information website.

Embassy Consular Outreach to Chiang Mai

There are changes to the Consular Service Outreach Program to Chiang Mai. Click here for Embassy information.

No Statutory Declaration for Thai Visa Income or Residency Certificates

The Australian Embassy Thailand and the Consulate General Phuket WILL NOT witness statutory declarations or certify copies which declare income or bank balances for Thai Immigration purposes.

They no longer witness statutory declarations for residency certificates. This applies to the Outreach Program that visits Chiang Mai as well. See this Embassy web page.

Statutory declarations will only be witnessed, at the Embassy in Bangkok or Consulate in Phuket (with an appointment) if they are for use in Australia.

Thailand Visa’s

Thailand Visa’s/extensions of stay– The Consulate can not offer advice, information or assistance on obtaining, extending or facilitating visas for Thailand.

This is a matter for Thailand Government authorities. If you are in Thailand please contact Thai Immigration.  There are also many Thai Visa Agents in Chiang Mai who can assist with visa matters – these can be found through internet searches.

If you are in Australia you need to contact the Thai Embassy, Canberra or a Thai Consulate in your State for information.

Australian Visa and Citizenship by Decent Matters

Australian Visa or Citizenship by Decent – The Consulate has no involvement in Australian Immigration matters and is not able to assist with visa and citizenship processes or provide advice.

Information and visa application are managed by the Department of Home Affairs (Immigration). You can obtain information at this website.

Updating personal and/or passport details for your Aus Visa

Please update your details on your ImmiAccount or download Form 929 and email the completed form to

Further information is available here. Please note that Passport changes may take 24-48 hours to be reflected in VEVO. This will not affect your travel

Where to certify documents for visa applications

Only a person currently employed in a position from the designated list of occupations can certify copies of your original documents. That person must be an Australian citizen and not related to you by birth, marriage or de facto relationship.

If you apply from outside Australia and do not know an Australian citizen, have your documents certified by someone who – (a) is a citizen of the country you are in, (b) is not related to you (by birth, marriage or de facto relationship) and (c) works in one of the occupations listed on our website

If the certifier has known you for at least one year, they can – (a) complete an identity declaration for you and (b) confirm your photographs are genuine. See: Certified Copy for further information

Alternatively, documents can be certified at the Consular Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.   DFAT can witness and authenticate signatures and provide certain other notarial services (fees apply for these services), please see  Consular Services for more details. Please note: Photocopies of certified copies are NOT acceptable.