Australia Booth CMWF17

The Fair was held at Central Festival Shopping Centre from the 27 to 29 January 2017. The 24 members of the Consular Corps of Chiang Mai worked with the Provincial Governor, CPN and an event organiser to develop the concept and production details.


Objective – To hold a 3 days international themed event for the general public in which diplomatic missions, international agencies and companies will be invited to showcase world cultures, international products and promote cultural exchange and opportunities for international education and tourism.

Concept – A joint venture between the Governor and Diplomatic Missions based in Chiang Mai to strengthen links between the people of Chiang Mai and Northern Region and the world community.


★ To create a new signature event in the Chiang Mai calendar, to be held annually, which brings together all countries based in Chiang Mai as well as other parts of Thailand, to promote their cultures and showpiece their products to local residents and expats, domestic and internationals tourists.

★ To celebrate the 720th Anniversary showcasing Chiang Mai as a dynamic city with links to the world through its Culture, Arts and efforts to combat Environment concerns.

★ To enhance NEXT Chiang Mai roadmap

★ To raise funds to help the needy and vulnerable in society and raise environmental awareness in Northern Thailand


Meetings and plans regarding displays and commercial participation were a general success for the booth development. The Australian Booth had iconic pictures displayed along with promotional and information material.  Australian entertainment, cultural highlights and two commercial firms were participants.

The Honorary Consul of Australia worked with the Australian Embassy Public Diplomacy Unit to develop the Australian display.  The booth was staffed with some Thai-Australian Alumni along with some local Aussie Expats.

More details can be seen on the Consul Blog on the results of this event.