While having a wide range of experience and knowledge in aviation security, I had a particular interest in leadership and improvements to the human factors aspect of this industry. My view was that without the dedicated involvement of the workforce superior outcomes and achievements would not be possible – so we needed to engage with the human factors and created the One Aviation Security Team – an approach of working collaboratively with my team and the service provider team.

The in-house Security Services Team

With this passion, I have always driven for the vision of “Professional Security with Service and Integrity” to ensure better practice aviation security outcomes. I took this ethos into the new role in Service Standards to work collaboratively with other service contractors.

I was a member of the Airport Council International (ACI) World and Asia-Pacific Region Standing Security Committees and enjoyed a role as task force leader for an ACI project to develop a better practice guidance document for screening point customer service quality, through collaboration with world airports. This was a particularly wonderful opportunity to network with peers from around the world.

This offered me the opportunity to travel to such destinations as Abu Dhabi, UAE; Singapore; Munich, Germany; Cape Town, South Africa; Phuket, Thailand; Washington, DC. Having relationships and a network of world airport security professionals provided me a greater insight and knowledge to support me in my role and to better dialogue with our Australian Transport Regulator.  I also got to travel to Vancouver, Canada as part of a worldwide group to undertake a peer review of the 2010 Vancouver Airport Winter Olympic planning progress in 2009.

International Security Meetings with ACI

Achievements are created by teamwork and collaboration and I was greatly supported by my team and in particular my fantastic administrative support person, Debbie.  We had a wonderful time working together, lots of laughs, too much pressure but always getting along and enjoying working together.  I miss her very much.

My greatest supporter during my time – Thanks Debbie

There were so many initiatives and activities that I was part of or implemented during my time at the airport. I said that it was the busiest and most hectic career so below gives you a sense of the scale and complexity of activity during my work period:

Aviation Security
  • Implementation of new security systems and workplace culture post-September 11, 2000;
  • Developed new security standards and quality management systems that were positively acknowledged by the Regulator
  • Chairmanship of the Airport Security Committee and Airport Security Consultative Groups
  • Systems for the delivery of security coordination, information sharing and stakeholder engagement
  • Key participant on Government work groups to redevelop the Aviation Transport Security Act and Regulations in 2004
  • New policy initiatives such as Aviation Screening Notice obligations and processes including;
    • Explosive trace detection
    • 100% checked baggage screening
    • Liquid, Aerosols & Gels screening
    • Body scanning
    • Enhanced inspection of the air-side area
Aviation Screening at the International Terminal – I will not forget
  • Driving significant security infrastructure enhancements and developing new equipment installations, in collaboration with others in the team, involving:
    • Enhancements to CCTV cameras systems and access control points
    • New systems for ID center management of 20,000 identity and access control cards
    • Installing 33 Explosive Trace detection systems installed
    • Installing 100% checked baggage screening systems integrated into the airport baggage handling System
    • Explosive Trace Detection equipment and process
    • LAG x-rays & body scanner equipment and process
    • Enhanced Inspections airside systems & facilities
    • Water perimeter buoy and radar detection systems
    • Perimeter security fence enhancements
Views from the Office