The “musing”; my written reflections or thoughts, on this site are about life’s journey and experiences as a resident of Canada, Australia, Thailand as a well-travelled soul.  I am convinced, or at least pretty sure, that these journeys and the many new destinations I experienced helped to shape my life and who I am.

Being exposed to different cultures, traditions and people’s’ in multiple countries and their way’s of life has had a lasting and profound impact on me and the way I approach life today.  These reflections involve some of my background stories and a way to preserve life memories and events while I can still recall them – already some of the detail seems to have escaped me.


These pages were developed by me to recall, recount and to record my past for my reminiscing and so others might get some insight and understanding of the journey my life has taken.

This is for my family, friends and acquaintances around the world and other internet users who just might, or maybe, want to know more about who I am or to remember these journeys with me – and as they say in Thailand, that’sUp To You!.

I’m always surprised with what you can do, and do when you have available time, are committed and willing to learn. I am delighted how I conquered computing technology, software programs and the world-wide-web to produce this website.


My Path; Reflections on the Journey

My path has been varied and meandered over the years to many different destinations and provided various experiences – it has been a life less ordinary. This page is an overview of that path I wondered. The other pages found by exploring the menu contain memoirs of my journey experiences.

I don’t profess to be a grand story-teller or proficient author; just an ordinary guy describing event’s of life as I remember them in my own style – excuse the grammar, punctuation, use of mixed tenses – its me! Below you find the outline of my life’s journey.

 Hope the critics aren’t to harsh – it’s just a simple tale.



  • My Early Years
  • 14 RCMP Career Postings
  • Family Life & many Travels Experiences


Australian landscape photograph by Australian landscape photographer and AIPP Master of Photography, Scott Leggo. For more information about Scott Leggo's photography and images visit
AYERS ROCK – ULURU    Australian landscape photograph by Australian landscape photographer and AIPP Master of Photography, Scott Leggo – visit


  • Emigrating & Hill End
  • Canberra & Sydney
  • Australian Protective Service & Sydney Airport careers
  • Family Life, Changes & Travel Experiences


Chiangmai City looking at Doi Suthep


  • Honorary Consul of Australia – role/functions
  • and
  • House building & gardens
  • Settling in Chiangmai
  • Early Travels & exploring
  • Thai life Blog – for my updates

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