This website has changed.

It was initially set up to provide information about the – “Australian Honorary Consul Chiang Mai” & consular services. As well it offered some personal pages regarding my background & the joys of “Living Tranquil in Northern Thailand“.

At a later date a separate website was created for just Australian Consular information at – “Australian Consulate Chiang Mai” – targeting clients wanting information & answers relating to Consular Services in Thailand – easier for internet searches.

I have now decided to separate the two website for easier site maintenance & to keep the them distinctly different. I don’t want to have two sites about consular information.

My Expat & HonCon – will now only be my own personal pages (Chiang Mai Aussie Expat – Living Tranquil in Norther Thailand ) – with posts & pages about my background & living in Thailand. It is for my family, friends & those that might be interested in Expat life in the north of Thailand.

The Chiang Mai Consulate website – is the official site for Chiang Mai consular services information & updates. It is available at –

This change is all about the ease of maintaining these websites and to consolidate & separate my personal pages from my volunteer Honorary Consul role & services.

I know some people may have subscribed to follow this website for updates on posts about Australian Consular matters – if you wish to get updates & posts about Consular service matters, on this website – – please go to the footer of the page or the blog post & click on the – follow button for – “australianconsulatechiangmai”