Covid restrictions had kept our Australian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand, Allan McKinnon PSM, pretty well confined to Bangkok for a long while & unable to conduct his usual visits and meetings outside Bangkok.

Last week (25-29 October 21) he visited Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces to meet with Government officials, academics, business representatives and others.

While is Chiang Mai the Australian Ambassador dropped into the Consulate for work discussions & a delayed Australia Day presentation.

One evening the Ambassador held a reception in Chiang Mai with a small group (due covid restrictions) of Australian Alumni Association members (Northern chapter).

We had an enjoyable evening liaising and chatting with alumni who had been in Australia to further their education.

With Thailand beginning to slowly open up to international visitors, it will be interesting to watch how the economy returns and if Covid can be reasonably controlled. Hopefully the year ahead will slowly return toward normality.

Constructive feedback or comments most welcome

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