Consular Service Outreach Visits – visits to Chiang Mai by Embassy staff will be less frequent than in the past. At least six weeks’ notice will be provided by the Embassy for their next visit date. Please monitor this website for planned future dates.

Passports Chiang Mai – Australian passport applications (& renewals) can be lodged with the Honorary Consul, Chiang Mai – by appointment only on Tuesday or Wednesdays. Please note that you need to allow a minimum of four weeks for the passport to be processed and returned to you. Payment at the consulate in Chiang Mai is by credit card or certain debit card authorisation form ONLY.

For information on the requirements to lodge a passport application, please refer to Australian Passports section on the Embassy’s webpage.

Here is an interesting Australian Passport Video – a behind the scenes look here

Book an appointment Chiang Mai – Contact the Australian Consulate Chiang Mai (Monday to Thursday 9 am to 12 noon) on 091 857 6996 or by email –

Notarial Service Chiang Mai – The consulate in Chiang Mai is not authorised to provide any notarial services. You can contact the consulate for information & obtain details for Queensland Justice’s of the Peace and an Australian registered lawyer that reside in Chiang Mai.

Notarial & Passport @ Australian Embassy Bangkok – services are available to lodge passport applications and to obtain notarial services at the Embassy Consular Services in Bangkok. An appointment at the Australian Embassy is required for these services. Please refer to the Embassy Appointment Booking page on their website for further information.

Income & Residence Stat Dec – The Embassy no longer witnesses statutory declarations for income verification for Thai visa’s/extensions of stay or for residence certificates. See this page.

Australian Visa’s – the consulate has no involvement in Australian visa matters. We do not accept applications and can not provide visa advice. See this Embassy web page for details – visa information

Further Information – Please contact the following if you require further details or to confirm fees payable:

  • Embassy Consular section – on 02 344 6300 or email – – or
  • Chiang Mai Consulate – on 091 857 6996 or –

Notarial fees – these are legislated according to the Consular Fees Act 1955 and consular staff has no discretion in applying these fees. * Fee Payment – Credit or debit card payment is required at the Embassy or during the Outreach. For passport services at the Chiang Mai Consulate ONLY a Credit card (visa or mastercard) authorisation form is accepted.

Note – the Consulate in Chiang Mai is not authorised to provide notarial (document) services.

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