The Australian Embassy will not be conducting any further outreach visits to Chiang Mai in 2018.

The Australian Embassy Bangkok anticipate a reduction in the need to provide notarial services due to no longer witnessing income or bank balance statutory declarations from 7 January 2019.

As such, outreach visits to Chiang Mai will be reduced in 2019 and we anticipate the next visit to be in June 2019. At least six weeks’ notice will be provided by the Embassy for their next visit date. – please monitor the website for updates.

From early December, Australian passport applications (& renewals) can be lodged with the Honorary Consul, Chiang Mai – by appointment only. Please contact the Australian Consulate Chiang Mai (Monday to Thursday 9 am to 12 noon) on 091 857 6996 or by email – – to book an appointment. It is important to note that you need to allow a minimum of four weeks for the passport to be processed and returned to you. Payment at the consulate in Chiang Mai is by credit card authorisation form ONLY.

For information on the requirements to lodge a passport application, please refer to Australian Passports section on the Embassy’s webpage.

The Australian Embassy in Bangkok remains available for the lodgement of passport applications and notarial services. An appointment at the Australian Embassy is required for these services. Please refer to the Embassy Appointment Booking page on our website for further information.

Please monitor this website for any changes to the planned future dates.

Note: From the 7 January 2019 the Embassy will no longer witness statutory declarations for income verification for Thai visa’s or extensions of stay. See this page.

Until the 7 January 2019, if you are signing a Statutory Declaration in support of a retirement or other visa, you are not required to provide proof of income. However, it is an offense to intentionally make a false statement in a statutory declaration.

Further Information –

Please contact the Embassy Consular section on 02 344 6300 or email – – prior to your visit if you require further details and/or to confirm fees payable.

There has been an increase in notarial fees from 1 January 2017. Notarial fees are legislated according to the Consular Fees Act 1955 and consular staff has no discretion in applying these fees. * Fee Payment – Credit or debit card payment is required.

Please note that the Embassy is unable to confirm the length of validity of signed Statutory Declarations as this is a matter for Thai authorities.  We advise you to contact the Thai Department of Consular Affairs for further advice on Statutory Declarations or Thai Immigration about their policy on validity or requirements.


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