Here is the July and August 18 consulate activity blog

Australian Consulate Chiang Mai

These last two months have flown by involving a couple of weeks holiday and then lots of activity. The Consulate was busy with consular assistance & support, supplying information and undertaking public diplomacy. It was notably quieter due to a holiday period with 167consular activities that involved 78 hours of participation. This consulate bi-monthly post is created to offer an insight into the highlights of my activity, some statistics on the scope/volume of service being undertaken in the north as well as upcoming events and information of general awareness.

Consular Outreach & Public Diplomacy

Activity Highlights

Among the duties of the Honorary Consul one of the functions is to engage in public diplomacy by representing and promoting Australia.  There are events, ceremonies and invitation that often provide this opportunity.  While I can’t attend every activity the following highlights (in no particular order) some of the engagement during July…

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