Happy Songkran Festival to Australian’s enjoying fun times in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Please safeguard your passport (& other valuables) during Thailand’s traditional New Year, called Songkran. With a four-day-long festival from April 12th to 15th the main fun activity is the water-throwing that occurs during the daylight hours.

While everyone wants to enjoy the festival, a damaged and un-useable passport and the subsequent process to obtain a replacement, is not so much fun.

It requires a trip to the Bangkok Australian Embassy and takes time to get a replacement – (up to 15 days for a new one) or for a limited use emergency passport (3 days + a trip to Immigration) – this is not so exciting!  Not to mention the additional expenses involved.

If you are taking your passport (or other valuables) out and about for Songkran ensure they are kept in waterproof pouches/bags.

Keep it dry and undamaged so your holiday fun is not ruined or “dampened – excuse the pun”!