Potential Australian Pavilion – Chiang Mai World Fair 18 – Planning Stage

Australian Consulate Chiangmai & North Thailand -Honorary Consul Ronald J Elliott

The Consular Corps of Northern Thailand (24 missions), including the Australian Consulate, has been asked by the Governor of Chiang Mai Province to participate in a World Fair 2018.

The first stage, before the  Consulate can decide if it will commit to having a pavilion, is to engage in some pre-planning and to understand the level of interest, likely participation, operating cost, and available resources.

This event is a joint venture between the Governor and Consular Missions based in Northern Thailand to strengthen links between the people and the world community. The theme is “Around the World in Chiang Mai – Gateway to the World”. Chiang Mai World Fair 2018 will be held June 22 – July 1 2018 (10 days) at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Last year 22 countries participated in the 1st CMWF17 – a 3-day event that attracted over 180,000 visitors. The Australian Consulate participated…

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