Hey followers & visitors, there has been some recent website administration and changes happening. These also created a learning opportunity for me.

Original “Honorary Consul” website

The original website was built with a focus for the “Australian Honorary Consul” site. The purpose was for general communications and information sharing about the honorary consul functions, the consulate role and activities, Embassy services as well as some personal background of my own life & living in Thailand.

It was my first venture into the world of website development and content management.  There is a lot of content on the site and it was developed using a basic theme for its layout and information presentation.  It was fairly simple and static but offered user utility.

The provider of my services has many themes (look and feel) options to choose from and I have been exploring some of them as an alternative.


I thought something a little more modern and dynamic might be a good change so I have taken the opportunity to pick up a newer WordPress theme.  It uses a YouTube video about Chiang Mai for the header, with scrolling front page provides a range of information.  The menu is in the header and is sticky so it moves with the pages for ease of continual visibility and access.

Hope you like the way it looks – the information is still all there – the menu is hopefully easy to follow. It’s not so static but hopefully it offers ease of use and is visually pleasing.

New “Australian Consulate” Website

new website screenshot

As the original website was focused around the Honorary Consul I thought that it might also be helpful to have a sister (2nd site) that was reflective and focused on internet searches for the “Australian Consulate in Chiang Mai”.

Something that is lighter and perhaps easier to navigate with just basic consular information. For those persons doing web searching for the Australian Consulate website it might be an easier locate?

You can check the new associated site out at this link – : australianconsulatechiangmai.com