There is always somewhere new to explore and experience in Northern Thailand. The Hang Dong & Samoeng districts to the south and outside of Chiang Mai city offer many surprises and today we visited this one.

This legendary country-style resort is situated in the charming countryside in the southern valley of the twin peaks of Doi-Suthep-Pui on the road to Samoeng, outside of Chiang Mai city.  It is reported to be at 700 meters elevation and is famous for its beautiful botanic gardens and flower park over multiple acres. We are always on the look out for new and interesting places to explore and to enjoy food offerings. This one is close to our house, only a 10 minute drive up the road, so another hidden gem discovered.

It is claimed that Krisdadoi was the first boutique resort of its kind to be established in the Hang Dong Samoeng district over 20 years ago.  It is set in the heart of picturesque hills that surround Chiang Mai and is an enchanting destination and tourist attraction with a diversity of nature.  It’s botanical gardens and flower park are planted with a variety of cold climate and sub tropical flowering and decorative plants and arrangements including water fountains.

Reportedly it was originally the brainchild of an entrepreneur and property developer and built as a private retreat and dream resort for family and friends.  It comprised nostalgic European-style country cottages set amidst areas of gardens surrounded by a landscape of hills and forests. A waterfall cascades down a cliff face into a stream which is a tributary  of the Ta Chang River that flows through the resort. It eventually opened its doors to the public years ago.

Recently closed for about 2 years for extensive renovations, it opened about 6 months ago, and is now the home to the new Flora Creek Chiang Mai Resort and Krisdadoi Gardens. It’s a very modern and upscale resort complex that mixes new accommodation, restaurant, lovely infinity edge pool and modern associated resort facilities with some of the original Krisdadoi resort cottages and old restaurant where light meal or refreshments and sweets can be taken on the lovely outdoor balcony.

Visiting today as the heat of summer approaches is probably not the best time to enjoy the gardens, but they were still colourful and interesting.  It is a work in progress to rebuilt the gardens after the renovations I believe. The resort entry and lobby is bright, open with a country feel. The ground and facilities are extensive, lovely to wander around and we ate at the new Creek cafe before strolling some of the grounds and stopping for an iced coffee on the old hotel balcony to overlook the grounds and soak up the views. They had an extensive menu to choose from in a modern and expansive restaurant with high ceilings. I had a delicious Club sandwich and Ace had green curry rice and prawns.

We liked it and would certainly go back for a meal or afternoon coffee and would recommend it as a place to stay for friends that might visit, if a country break in a modern resort was called for.  If you want a nice journey and enjoyable day trip out of Chiang Mai city this place should be on your list.

Their website is the best place to check out for more details and location information:   Flora Creek Chiang Mai