The location was outstanding; myself and Ace were delighted to be attending this event. The Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort has only been open for about 4 months and according to their website “is a charming hideaway nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai” besides the banks of the Ping River. These are some of their pictures.

Their site also indicates that “legendary stories combined with the history of the Charoenprathet road area, the location of the resort, are the inspiration behind the birth of this beautiful gem” – a most nostalgic and somewhat romantic place. History has it that “during the reign of King Rama V, Western influence was spreading to the East in Chiang Mai. This area was historically important in terms of forestry, and the Forestry Office is merely a few steps away. In the past, this was the first Royal Forest Department, and legend has it that The Giant 100-year-old Rain Tree that towers uniquely over Na Nirand was planted by Mr. H. Slade, the first Conservator of Forests in that era. To this day, this elegant tree of history still stands tall and beautiful, creating excitement and fascination for the guests…”

In addition to historical legends the hotel suggests “that guests may also appreciate The Story of True Love between a beautiful girl descended from the Ruler of Lamphun and a Bangkok gentleman, the owner of “Baan Thab Phaya”, which still sits in its original location, waiting for guests to feel and discover the true definition of “Eternal Love”. The beautiful history and legendary stories combined with the ambience of the hotel facilities along with the warm, friendly and attentive Thai-style service made a fantastic location for the Governors reception. You can check out their website here: 

The evening was hosted by the Chiang Mai Governor, Prawin Chamniprasart, to thank the Consular Corps for participating in the recent Chiang Mai World Fair 17, to acknowledge its success and to also recognise some changes to the participants of the Consular Corps.

The evening began with arrival and drinks on the lawns of this lovely new hotel. Ace and I had a chance to explore some of the rooms to get a feeling for what was available. The suites by the river were very impressive. It was an opportunity to chat amongst the guests. We were then gathered around the small amphitheater in front of the the Giant 100-year-old Rain Tree that towers over the property.

A northern Thai dance ensemble from a performing arts school provided welcome entertainment and there was also a northern Thai band. The Governor provided welcome introductions and then presented the departing Dean of the Consular Corps, the Consul General of Japan, with a token of appreciation. This was followed by welcome introductions by the Governor for the new Dean of the Consular Corps, the Consul General of Myanmar and welcomes for Consul General’s of the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. Last but not least I was also welcomed to the Consular Corps as the Honorary Consul of Australia and presented with a paper flower arrangement.

We were all offered an opportunity to say a few words in response and being last I kept it short so we could begin to enjoy the evening. It was an opportunity to say thank you and extol the facts of the 65th anniversary of the Thai/Australian diplomatic relations. Some group photo’s were taken and then we enjoyed some delicious food served again on the grounds of this lovely resort. The food was offered in small appetizer size portions made up of some Thai fusion and western style dishes. There were also an array of sweets to help top off the gastronomic feast. The evening was fairly warm but pleasant and the camaraderie and good spirits of all in attendance together with the atmosphere made for a memorable evening.

Thanks so much to Governor Prawin and his staff for providing a unique and most enjoyable reception on the banks of the Ping River in Chaing Mai and for allowing this opportunity to foster our diplomatic relationships. I think that Ace and I will return to this hotel to try out their restaurant for lunch or dinner and to take in the lovely setting again.