With house guests on this special day, after a relaxing morning at home we headed out for lunch at great roadside cafe with really yummy food. Afterwards we made our way to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs to relax our feet in the soothing waters. It was such a pleasant day with just right temperatures and a lite breeze. This recreation spot is popular and today it was also celebrating with music and a message.

We sat with our feet in the warm waters soaking up the ambience, an ice coffee and relaxing afternoon.

Dinner for this special night was at a country resort near our house and it topped off our Valentine day. Narittaya resort is another tucked away place with a great restaurant and wonderful selection of food..Thai and fusion – love the options.

A lovely and tranquil country setting just off the road to Samoeng, not far from the Canal Road, Hang Dong.

I wonder where we will be celebrating this day next year?