To celebrate my formal appointment as Australian Honorary Consul, as reported on today in media releases, we decided to head to Mix North Hill golf course restaurant. It was an elegant location for a celebration dinner.

It’s nearby our home and offers a wide menu selection of both Thai and western food served in a lovely atmosphere overlooking the flood light night golf course. We took along a fantastic bottle of Penfold’s Grange 2001 that had been given to me as a farewell retirement gift when I left Sydney airport from our security service provider, SNP Managing Director.  The significance of 2001 was the year I joined Sydney airport.

It was a most fitting occasion to be celebrating my new career role and sampling a momentum from my previous career.  They were both landmarks in my life journey. The wine was only 16 years old – could have lasted for another 16 but it seemed the right  to enjoy it. The wine appreciation was exquisite – oh what a difference there is in a quality wine.

We ordered an Australian steak for me, seafood pasta for Ace accompanied by salad and some tasty tortilla chicken wraps.  The food as usual was excellent and loaded with flavours.  Happy with our quiet celebration and evening of indulgence before we get back to reality.