On the 5th of December 2016 members of the Consular Corps along with a large contingent of Government Officials, employees and other representatives attended the 700 year sports stadium for a spectacular celebration event.

700 year stadium

The event involved the march on and presentations from groups to the portrait of the King.  It was a huge logistical exercise to prepare the large crowds from some 20 Government Ministries along with the Consular Corps and members of the Chiang Mai Lanna aristocracy.  While event preparations were underway the Consular Corps was provided a place to wait with refreshments.

Shortly after 5 PM the parade began with a procession of attendees in the various groups with representatives making flower presentations to the Kings portrait. The Consular Corps was a proud group participating.



After our entry and slow procession being one of the first groups parading we were ushered to our seats where we could watch the rest of the groups parade. A nice arrangement.

Following the parade and presentations of flower tributes there was the National and Royal anthem, a speech by the Governor, the lighting of candles by all in attendance and a dance by 1999 Lanna performers.

The event culminated in a song sung by attendees about the King.  It was a very emotional song that brought tears to many in attendance.

It was most fitting and humbling event and one I was most proud to attend as Australia’s representative in Thailand.