Zoo entry

A visit to the Zoo discovered what Australian fauna representation was hiding there.


I had the pleasure of meeting with the Management of Chiang Mai Zoo to discuss their Australian animal collection and seeking their participation in the up coming Chiang Mai World Fair 2017.  The Zoo management team explained their exhibits and history of Australian Kangaroo’s, Koala’s, Emu and Cassowary’s.


We discussed the possibility of being able to showcase the Koala’s during the fair but it is not possible for them to leave the Zoo due to agreements with Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

They did express interest in being involved to showcase animals of the world that are at the Zoo in Chiang Mai.  I agreed to have the event organiser follow up with the Zoo to try and work out some arrangements.  It was agreed that other countries animals are on display at the Zoo and it would be a good opportunity to showcase the Zoo during this upcoming event.

It was a nice meeting, sharing of information and an invitation to return to explore the zoo at a later date.

lovely appreciation