1802 Chapel Buddah images

A doorway on the south side of the grounds leads you to several other buildings, as well as the temple’s museum. On the way, you’ll pass an ancient bodhi tree whose branches are supported by a forest of crutches to hold up the old branches – like crutches support those with weak limbs. There is also a lovely ornate temple coloured red that was interesting.

Today Ace’s mother paid her respects to the Buddha and made some offerings as was being done by many visiting Thai’s.  When the rituals were over we strolled the grounds and explored the many small shops set up nearby to cater for the visitors.  A nice bowl of norther thai koi soy noodle soap was enjoyed at a small roadside restaurant.

Lampang is known for its historic horse carriages that still offer rides through the city today – its known as horse carriage city.  These carriages are also awaiting visitors that want to take a short ride around the soi’s of the local village.  They are most colourful and while not taking a ride today, we have done so before.

carriage ride anyone

Its was a pleasant day out and on the way back to Chiang Mai we stopped to enjoy an afternoon coffee and some treats.