Fine food, wine and music are a combination that are just right for all the senses. The Montfort School Raming Orchestra delighted us with the sound of soothing Lanna music performed as we consumed our fare. The  Maneerat Rattanang band also performed with offerings of Lanna folk music and the golden voice of a magnificent vocalist.

All the performances were pleasing and a most entertaining accompaniment to the gastronomic feast.

A toast to the Queen of Thailand on the eve of her birthday celebrations with all the quests standing and raising their glasses in her honour signalled the ending. There was a large audience but some of my other Consular Corp members were our table companions along with Commanding Major General, 33rd Military Circle and his Deputy which made for lively table discussions to make it a most enjoyable night.

The epilogue to this story is that Thailand’s food appeal may be changing.  There is the ever present and bountiful supply of street foods, many varieties of restaurants from the simple to the most elegant and I think now the gastronomy showcase of Northern Thailand will somehow encourage Tourism to this lovely part of the world.

Thank you from us to the Pinkanakorn Development Agency for the invitation and a wonderful, professionally presented evening.