The plates were an artisans work of love and the presentations were delightful.  The tastes were amazing and unique. All delicious – but as it was a gastronomy event the serving were proportional, but many, and by the end of the evening we were fully satisfied.

Gastronomy for such a large audience must have been a challenge for the chef de cuisine – but she should be proud of her results.

The servings surprised our taste buds starting with roasted young honey (bee) comb with caviar, red chilli paste creme fraiche, caramelised nut and citrus chutney served with French Draper Carte d’Or Brut Blanc Champagne. The cold appetiser of Lanna style tuna tartare with avocado, young green chilli pepper espuma and crispy pork skin.

Before each serving an audio video was presented showcasing the ingredients and preparation style which I thought unique and a great way to introduce each dish.

The Menu

Mushroom flan with black truffle, galangal chilli crumbs and Japanese corned beef was the hot appetiser paired with a French Gerard Tremblay Chablis Fourchaume 2012 .

Our next sampling was  Lanna style tamarind spring salad with coconut milk foam and parmesan cookie.  A soup of Lanna minestrone with chicken and Sichuan pepper also complimented this wine.

For the main performance a black ink squid pasta with stewed lamb shank or confit duck leg with white wine sauce picked cabbage and Kao Soi sauce delighted the palate, with a slight bit.  This was paired with a French Bordeaux of Laland de Pomerol 2010.

The finality of the journey involved a desert of caramel rice cracker Lychee cheese tart, perilla seed financier, passion fruit sauce and rice berry coconut ice cream with longan. All satisfyingly devoured with a French Rochelierre Muscat 2013.