An evening of culinary delight awaited our arrival. There was anticipation of what the evening dinner reception would hold. What was this intriguing invitation to the Honorary Consul (Designate) of Australia all about?

Our Welcome

The Chiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre wasn’t on my radar for dining, but this was a special happening.  The dinner reception was hosted by the Pinkanakorn Development Agency as a show case of northern thai food offered in fusion style. Opening remarks explained that this agency wanted to promote Northern Thailand with more than just culture, heritage, lovely scenery and activities – it has a desire to promote Thai gastronomy tourism.  And why not given the eclectic mix of food ingredients and offering here in Chiang Mai and the North.

A place for me

It was an epicurean journey full of wonderful delights served with matching wines. The menu was unique mix of Lanna ingredients with an infusion of flavours served in a most appealing and artistic fashion.