The new Dean of Consular Corp of Chiang Mai was welcomed at an reception held on July 18th, 2016 at the Saenkham Terrance Restaurant.

Doi Suthep
Nice Doi Suthep views

Mr Shinya Aoki, Consulate-General of Japan has assumed this role. according diplomatic protocols, taking over from the recently transferred American Consul-General.


An informal evening of socialising and lovely food with some well debated topics where enjoyed by the Consular Corp.

shared food table

Corps Meets

The Consular Corp of Chiang Mai is comprised of representatives of Countries with a consular presence in Northern Thailand.  It held the regular bi-monthly meeting on August 4th, hosted by the new Dean at the Japanese Consulate.








Items of interest common to all were discussed along with plans and agenda items for an upcoming meeting with Governor of Chiang Mai.

This network of consuls meets routinely throughout the year on matters of mutual interest and involves close collaboration with Thai Government agencies on topics of concern.

Thank you to our Dean of the Consular Corp for hosting this event.