You don’t have to wonder far from town to get into the countryside where you can discover great destinations.

Heading west off Hwy 107 at Mae Rim, Rte 1096 winds pass a series of tourist attractions that include the likes of crocodile and monkey shows, elephant camps, orchid farms, shooting ranges, all-terrain-vehicle-hire companies, even a cobra farm.  You then begin climbing into the forested Mae Sa Valley.  We had friends from Sydney who were in Chiang Mai for holidays and after enjoying a lovely lunch in the Mae Sa Valley near Mae Rim they suggested afternoon coffee at the Four Seasons.

Known for its 5 star rating and not a cheap charlie location we thought it wise to see what it was all about.  One of our friends from Sydney used to work there years ago and wanted to say hello to some of his old associates.

It was a very impressive hotel complex with vistas of rice fields, mountains and jungles.  It is a large, spread out accommodation and resort facility that is well maintained.  We went to the outdoor restaurant for coffee’s and cakes to soak up the surrounding views.  It was most enjoyable checking out the facility and absorbing the ambience over afternoon drinks.


If you want to experience luxury and some seclusion then this is the place to go – mind you its not that far from the daily reality of Thailand and easy to explore from the hotel.  The afternoon treats were not cheap either!

Lovely grounds and facilities to enjoy if staying here.